Facebook Is a Waste of Time
FACEBOOK IS A WASTE OF TIME        Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites and used daily by millions of people around the world. The sophisticated of nowadays technologies make everyone can use Facebook anywhere, anytime and without any limit. This situation have give negative effect to the Facebook users, which is they are wasting their precious time on Facebook. Therefore, I agree that Facebook is just a waste of time because users will spend a lot of time on Facebook by doing unbenificial activities, users might be involve in cyber crime and their family relationship become strained.        First and foremost, by using Facebook without any limit will cause Facebook users spend a lot of their precious time on Facebook by doing unbenificial activities such as stalking people’s pictures, chatting about unnecessary thing, playing games and flirting and mostly,this happens to the teenagers or students. The students who are very engrossed into Facebook activities will lack of sleep and will not have a poper eating habits. They also might forget to perform prayer. As a result, they will become pasif or can not focus in class and they will feel tired to join group discussion or activities.

Secondly, another effects that caused by using Facebook without any limit was the students might be involved in the cyber crimes such as stalking other people information, hacking and phishing. As we know, people who involve n cyber crimes will have unsettle life, because they might become criminals or victims of cyber crimes. For the example, when the students have been involved in the crimes, it will cause them become stress and having an emotional problems. As a conclusion, they will not be able to focus on their study.Lastly, facebook can caused  family relationship become strained when family members spend too much time on facebook, it will reduce the time that they will spend together among them. There are a lot of families having a scenario which is the family members too involved in chatting on Facebook with other person rather than face to face with their family. As example, when a family having a dinner, every family members busy chatting with their friends on Facebook by using their gadgets. This problem shows that there will be less interactions between them. As a result, they will must be able to know about each other.

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