What Is Actually Meant by Waste Management?
Waste, rubbish, and garbage, no matter what names you identify them with, these are the outputs of our human activities in the world. Day by day, the number of world population has been increasing dramatically. Thus, it leads to a radical increment in waste produced all over the world. This might not sound like an immense issue to be focused on compared to other world issues that we face nowadays. However, in this modernization era, waste management has been a huge issue to be resolved effectively and efficiently by mankind. This is because, as we procrastinate and neglect the seriousness of this issue, there will be a time where we will have no other place to dispose the waste anymore. This can be clearly seen in few islands that had been declared in habitual for human such as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch islands.

What is actually meant by waste management? This process is actually the compilation, transportation, dispensation, monitoring of waste materials such as domestic, solid, agro-based, and industrial-based wastes. The methods of waste management used such as incineration, landfills, recycling, sustainability, resource recovery and avoidance and reduction methods. Therefore, this waste management process needs to be carried out in a pragmatic and systematic methodology. However, due to irresponsibility and greed of man, this process had been in great decline in carrying out its process. Thus, mankind would be facing great impact that would be devastating and disastrous. These effects would not only affect the current generation but also future generations. It will be even worse if this waste management process failed, and making Earth not suitable for life cycle to continue.

First and foremost, the improper waste management would be posing human to great danger. This is because; poor waste management is a situation whereby waste products are not disposed in a proper method. For an instance, the incineration method would be turning all waste products into ash and dust. These tiny and discrete air particles would be polluting the air causing air pollution. When we breathe this polluted air, it causes respiratory problems such as bronchitis, eye irritation, asthma and many other polluted air prone diseases. Besides that, the disposal of waste from the industrial sites straight into the rivers and seas without proper filtration also causes water pollution. Therefore, when human feed on this polluted sources of water, we are prone to much serious illness such as cholera, diarrhea and many other diseases. Moreover, the improper usage of landfills also imposes a great threat to human health. This is because, the waste materials that were disposed contains toxic substance that would be carcinogen. Besides that, the pungent smell that these sites produce causes respiratory symptoms, irritation of the skin, gastrointestinal problems, fatigue, headaches, psychological problems and allergies. These hazardous

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