The King Loved by All – Was King Lunalilo a Better King That King Kalakaua? – Thesis – cmac808
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The King Loved by All – Was King Lunalilo a Better King That King Kalakaua?
The King Loved by AllWas King Lunalilo a better king that King Kalākaua?William Charles Lunalilo was the most loved man in Hawaii. After the reign of the Kamehameas, the people actually voted for a new king. Hawaii was now a democracy. As the King grew old, he decided to make a place called; “Lunalilo Homes” Lunalilo Homes was a home to protect the elderly, as they grew old and sick. After Lunalilos reign, King Kalakaua was the new King. He was a horrible king. Lunalilo was a better king than King Kalākaua because everyone loved him; he let the people have more power, and created Lunalilo Homes.        Everyone loved King Lunalilo. King William Charles Lunalilo was the most loved man in Hawaiʻi. He was born in 1835 and died 1874. He was considered the most loved king in all of Hawaiis monarchy, but sadly had the shortest reign .In every book that talks about him; it will talk about his kind, warm-hearted, selfless personality. Lunalilo was taught at Royal School, and from this he was considered to have the greatest English out of all of the monarchs that rules over Hawaii. From this, he had a better way with communicating with white people. From that, so many people loved him because he could communicate easily. After King Kamehameha V died, it was either they picked a new Kamehameha or Lunalilo would become the new king. Lunalilo and his selfless personality thought it was unfair if he automatically became king so what he said was, “I desire to submit the decision of my claim to the voice of the people.” Lunalilo wanted the people to vote because he war-heart told him to do that. This brings me to my next point. He wanted the people to have more power than the government.          The new king was greatly loved by everyone and on top of that, he gave more power to the people and really listened to what they had to say as a community. As the king, he wanted the constitution to be more democratic. He wanted to remove the former rules where only certain people were allowed to vote. The government didn’t want this rule to take place, but he strongly disagreed and wanted the people of Hawaiis voices to be heard. The people rejoiced as he was the new king and his new name was, “The Peoples King”.

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