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Can be told about the wars of Israel in many ways. We chose to tell them through songs. There is something special songs that manages to ” touch” the spirit of the time and provide us succinctly sights and sounds , feelings and memories of the same. Lyrics – can a special way to connect us , for a moment , other times , some difficult and painful , some hopeful .

Recorded music and sounds take us back in time. The recordings are saved since they did for us the main work : caught not only the guitar playing or singing , but also the atmosphere of the period came through the open microphone performances saved . We may not notice it, but we feel safe . Can tell us a thousand stories about where you were 20 years ago, and recall it , but if you hear an old song on the radio or a record at the time we heard that women , not only you will be remembered , but also be there .

Next job is going to talk about the songs written in two successive periods . These are not just any periods , but major events experienced by society. We chose to examine the differences connection and songwriting made ​​after two wars, the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War , which you can see clearly the difference in morale occurred in Israeli society.

In addition, we added a overview of every war , to be more convenient to understand the relationship of the poems to the mood of society at the time. We chose three songs that were written after every war , we analyzed all the song lyrics , we found that each word , its position in the song and the sound that is playing can lead to many interpretations and meanings , and to teach the entire culture . We hope this work can convey the understanding of the importance of songs periods in passing company, such as war and in addition you will see how changes in society are reflected in the songs of the period.

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