Walmart Essay
In the research of Walmart it was found that they are committed to a diversity and multicultural workplace. By understanding and respecting differences and being inclusive of all people Walmart can achieve diversity. They are focused on developing and retaining through people, communities and suppliers. Walmart is dedicated to helping associates reach their full potential. Associates are provided with growth and advancement opportunities through mentoring programs, sponsorship programs, various leadership courses and Associate Resource Groups. Mangers are held accountable through Walmart’s Diversity Goal Programs and given 15% of management bonuses and 10% of performance evaluation scores to uplift standards of diversity and inclusion throughout our company. In 2012 an estimated 54% of hourly associates that were promoted were women. They hire a wide range of diverse people with different religions, races and sex. Women make up 57% of the workforce at Walmart, 31% are in corporate leader roles and 45% are women management associates. The training Walmart provide their associates with have allowed them to excel and grow and be promoted within.

Walmart works with a diverse group, participating in charitable events and volunteering, more than 300 community and professional organizations including: National Urban League, Women Imparting Public Policy, American Association of People with Disabilities and Asian American Justice Center, to name a few.  In the communities, Walmart’s goal is it to training one million women around the world outside the company, in different specialized areas such a farming, etc. They work with a diverse group of suppliers, in 2014 they spent an estimate of $12.9 billion with women-owned and minority-owned businesses. Walmart operates in 27 countries and e-commerce websites in 11 countries, clearly they are focused on diversity, and this creates jobs around the world. The mission statement is ‘We people money so they can live better”. The mission does not directly speak of diversity or multiculturalism but clearly with businesses all around the country diversity is also their focus. The CEO Doug McMillion has spoken openly about it in their 2014 Diversity and Inclusion Report “Two key components of this commitment are diversity and inclusion, imperatives that are a natural extension of who we are as a company.”  The Global Chief Diversity Officer stated in that same publication “Having a diverse workforce built upon an inclusive environment results in innovation which drives business growth.” Over the years Walmart has won many diversity and inclusion awards, Top 25 Companies for Supplier Diversity, Top 50 Companies for Executive Women National and  50 Best Companies for People of Disabilities, to name a few.

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