Walmart Financial Trends
Walmart Financial AnalysisConferring to Wal-Mart News, the company CEO has announced they plan to open new stores in Canada and continue to expand in other demanded countries. Dan McMillon, the CEO of Wal-Mart, also mentioned how they will continue to focus more efficiently on customer service, and building a better overall experience for shoppers. The four areas Wal-Mart will plan on expanding the consumer possibilities through cheaper prices, larger assortment, better overall experience, and larger access, and by doing so Wal-Mart will expand effectively and grow tremendously within the future.  After analyzing reports from Bloomberg, yahoo, and msn money, it is safe to say that Wal-Mart is expected to continue to grow at a steady dominant rate. From analyzing Bloomberg, Wal-Mart has had increases in total revenues from 446 billion in 2012 to 485 billion in 2015, as well as increases in gross profit year by year. This is due to the ever so increasing demand for a cheap, affordable, customer service, and locational services. According to MSN, Wal-Mart has pushed to raise wages, which have made competitors follow, and this is due to Wal-Mart dominating the retail industry and having such a large influence over its rivals such as Target.  They also are focusing on cutting training turnover, that way to decrease training cost and keep employees happier for longer time periods. Also, analysts project a $1.54 average increase by the next upcoming quarter.Overall, after looking at Yahoo Finance, Wal-Mart is going to expand to 11 new stores in Canada and further continue to grow in size, and strength, as well as dominate the retail market. The projected growth rate from P/E ratios will be nearly 15.67 & supposedly to have an increase of %5.18 in growth .The Yahoo statement is most likely to be correct. According to Yahoo Finance, within the next 5 years there is a prediction that total revenues from Wal-Mart will top 525 billion, and that the stock prices can rise to over $90 a share or even split. These are just projections from Wal-Mart analyst; however, this can become accessible if Wal-Mart continues to grow and dominate the retail industry.

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