Walmart Case Study
Moreover, Wal-Mart had launched internal events so that it could propagate its projects Jeff Kerbs, a manager in Wal-Marts store operation group, “believed that interest among employees was growing as they started hearing more about the program through internal communication programs, as well as external press coverage.” It was true that when information was repeated day by day, it would come to mind naturally. When Wal-Marts associates did not ignore information of program, they would find further related-information. That was a good beginning to get awareness. The second step was that Wal-Marts associates in its stores had been trained about program details to acknowledge “new waste elimination and improvement opportunities.” Besides these necessary things, Wal-Mart had a good human resource strategy to recruit individuals who had the ability to follow through the projects and to contribute their effort to sustainability programs. The associates should finish their tasks carefully because their unintentional mistakes could destroy companys reputation. Furthermore, with a huge amount of employees, Wal-Mart could take benefit when its associates are customers. When employees are customers, they could provide their opinion about protecting environment, a good experience. On the other hand, they could promote products and satisfy customers concern when they are employees.

In addition to its employees inspiration, Wal-Mart must motivate suppliers to share information about the environment impacts of processes and products. It was not an easy task because disclosing sensitive information of product means to end business in some case, so it challenged Wal-Mart in performance management. Also, Wal-Mart needed to encourage its suppliers to share that with other suppliers to make it program more effectively. According to report of Stanford Graduate School of Business, “one way the network was encouraging

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