Walmart Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis
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Potential Competitors: Medium pressure
Grocers could potentially enter into the retail side.
Entry barriers are relatively high, as Wal-Mart has an outstanding distribution systems, locations, brand name, and financial capital to fend off competitors.

Wal-mart often has an absolute cost advantage over other competitors.
Rivalry Among Established Companies: Medium Pressure
Currently, there are three main incumbent companies that exist in the same market as Wal-Mart: Sears, K Mart, and Target. Target is the strongest of the three in relation to retail.

Target has experienced tremendous growth in their domestic markets and have defined their niche quite effectively.
Sears and K-Mart seem to be drifting and have not challenged K-Mart in sometime.
Mature industry life cycle.
The Bargaining Power of Buyers: Low pressure
The individual buyer has little to no pressure on Wal-Mart.
Consumer advocate groups have complained about Wal-Mart’s pricing techniques.
Consumer could shop at a competitor who offers comparable products at comparable prices, but the convenience is lost.
Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Low to Medium pressure
Since Wal-Mart holds so much of the market share, they offer a lot of business to manufacturers and wholesalers. This gives Wal-Mart a lot of power because by Wal-Mart threatening to switch to a different supplier would create a scare tactic to the suppliers.

Wal-Mart could vertically integrate.

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