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The policy for requiring volunteer hours to graduate high school because it can provide many benefits. There have been many research projects done to see how volunteering can help. These projects have shown that volunteering can provide many benefits. Even though volunteering is a big time commitment it has been shown to provide educational, psychological and even social benefits. By requiring students to volunteer, this could in turn benefit the students.

Research has shown that when students volunteer it offers educational benefits. There have been many studies throughout the years that have been made to discover the benefits of volunteering. One study has shown that it can increase a student’s motivation in school. This in turn is shown to improve many other things. For example students’ school attendance has been shown to improve. Also, an improvement in behavior and life choices has been shown in studies. Volunteering can be a way to set a student back on the right path.

It has also been shown by research that volunteering can offer psychological benefits. It has been shown to create a better piece of mind. This can lead to many other benefits. A main benefit of this is improved mental health. Having better mental health can help lessen stress and depression. This could in turn cause one to have more life satisfaction. Sometimes volunteering can help a student become a better, happier person.

One more reason why volunteering is beneficial is the social benefits that volunteering has been shown to give. There have been articles written discussing the many social benefits that volunteering can provide. These articles discuss many benefits, such as decreasing antisocial behaviors. These students begin showing positive behavior, such as trust and cooperation. It’s also been shown for these students to better communicate with people. Volunteering causes people to interact with each other which in turn can have social benefits.

By implementing this policy, students can be benefited by the benefits of volunteering. They can become happier people who are more involved in school. Although it is a big time commitment, the students will be benefited in the long run. By passing this policy, the student body can become better as a whole.

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