Volkswagen Jetta Vs. Toyota’s Failed Scion Branding
Essay Preview: Volkswagen Jetta Vs. Toyota’s Failed Scion Branding
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NameInstructorCourseDate Volkswagen Jetta vs. Toyota’s failed ScionIn all industries, brand success largely depends on the effectiveness of the marketing strategy used. Often, a good brand will fail if the marketing strategy is poor. Contrary, an initially seeming poor brand can sell better is the marketing approach is exemplary. A review of Volkswagen’s Jetta and Scion model shows reliable evidence that a good car, or even any other product, can fail terribly is the marketing team undermines aspects such as tracking trends in the target market. Manufactures must continually improve their brands to cope with changing consumer needs, which necessitates that marketers be actively engaged in a regular or continuous study of the market dynamics.Volkswagen continued to record an increase in sales because of what the marketing executive considered as aggressive marketing through the media. Tim Mahoney credited the success, specifically in the United States, to the Super Bowl commercial. In the ad, marketers emphasized on the careful car design, timely product launch and incorporation of quality and safety standards (“Whats The Secret to Volkswagens Success”). Further, the design achieved a commendable mileage against competitors for being a hybrid. The commercials emphasized that Diesel not only offered a better mileage but also lower emissions into the atmosphere.

While Volkswagen sold over 170, 000 units within one year, Toyota sold less than 2, 000 cars within the same span of time. Although the designers sought to make a design that would suit young people, marketers failed because they never reached the targeted consumers persuasively. Going back to the launch, marketers never emphasized on the performance, functionality, and unique specifications that young people would look for in the car. Rather, the launch Scion officials pointed out that the new car would be a better substitute to Peugeot 206 (“Here Are 5 Reasons Toyotas Scion Brand Failed”). A review of the two brands based on the number of sales made in the US, knowledge of the market trends is an important success factor. Works Cited “Here Are 5 Reasons Toyotas Scion Brand Failed”. Business Insider, 2017,

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