The New Frontier for Fresh Foods Supermarkets
Sandra BescosProfessor Marc HamiltonManagement Practices 21 June 2016The New Frontier for Fresh Foods SupermarketsFresh Foods Supermarkets is a grocery store chain that was created 20 years ago in the Southeast of the United State. In order to expand their stores in the United States, the company has gradually opened new stores in the eastern seaboard. Now, the company wants to focus its attention to the Southwest, representing an important stake due to the growth of the population in that area. Vivian Noble, the manager of one of the most successful chain’s stores in the Atlanta area, was chosen to be the manager of the new Fresh Foods store in Phoenix, Arizona. Despite the fact that she was aware that working in that region would be a challenge, she decided to accept this job opportunity. In fact, not only she will have to adapt to a new environment and life, but she will also have to hire and manage a diverse teamwork in a region where several cultures coexist and collide.1.  In order to open a new store, Vivian Noble needs to hire people. There are different means of recruitment. Thus, she can post flyers and ads in places where people can see them easily. Also, she can use The Internet or social media to post job offers. Every job description should include applicant requirements as well as a detailed explanation of the responsibilities concerning the position. In addition, she also can post job descriptions in both Spanish and English because she is looking for hiring Hispanic and Native Americans. To make a choice among the applicants that she has selected, she will interview some of them that got her attention. After choosing some applicants to hire them, they will be assigned to training sessions. Training sessions are essential to developing a new workforce. In fact, it is a way to teach to the employees how to do their job correctly and explained manager’s expectations, especially if they do not have prior experience working in that sector. Also, the training increases the skills of all employees and builds them awareness of how to work in a diverse workforce. Vivian Noble must take into account the satisfaction of her employees as well as their work environment because it is two of the most important factors that will probably help new recruits to develop faster. Moreover, If Vivian Noble wants to attract and retain minority employees, she has to foster her company’s reputation as a good place for minorities. Finally, to retain her employees she may consider offering mentoring, career development and promotions.2. Opening a new store in a new area and creating awareness of a company is a big challenge that Vivian Noble must face. Thus, she has a huge responsibility because this first store in this region will impact the expansion of Fresh Food in a positive or negative way. In fact, If the first store in Arizona is a success, the company will probably expand the grocery chain stores in the Southwest. The best way for Vivian Noble to help her company to reach out to the community is by differentiating Fresh Food from its competitors. Thus, she must define an image of Fresh Food that differs from its competitors that she will communicate to the population of Phoenix. For example, by offering unique services or lower prices than its competitors.Vivian Noble is clearly following this strategy not only by offering free delivery of groceries to the senior citizens and physically disabled but also by hiring bilingual employees to assist customers who do not speak English. She could go further by offering secondary services that will allow customers to save time being multitasked. Fresh Foods could offer a car wash or ATMs in the store, for instance. Also, Fresh Foods could provide a delivery service of groceries in which people only need to make a list of the products that they want to buy and an employee from the store will deliver the groceries directly to the customer’s house. Vivian Noble has to inform the inhabitants of Phoenix in order to promote the opening of the store. She can reach them by serving advertisement on the Internet, radio, or television. In order to bring as many people as possible to the store for the opening, Fresh Food could inform Phoenix’s inhabitants of special promotions that would take place this day. Also, during the opening day, employees could distribute special coupons to customers valid for their first purchase or for one month.

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