Virgin Atlantics Airlines (vaa) Case
Virgin Atlantics Airlines (VAA) is an esteemed and second largest long haul airline in London since 1984.It is in alliance with Singapore Airline and Virgin Groups. In North Atlantic, it is the third largest European carrier and had won numerous rewards in the travel industry. The strategy of Virgin is to guarantee that it offers the paramount business product & service in the air and grow its leisure business by running it competently and making it effective global airline. This essay will focus on augmenting the existing strategic capabilities by converging enhancements in organizing for success along with resourcing and finally the implementation of change management. This will consent to achieve and enhance its competitive advantage.

Organizing for Success:
Differentiation is the specific strategy adopted by Virgin Atlantic as the customer perceives it as different from any other airline and is willing to pay higher. Also it has combined with integrated cost leadership strategy. Due to combination of these two strategies Virgin is in position as identified by Cronshaw, 1995 “Stuck in the Middle” as these are not reciprocally exclusive strategies in the mature airline industry (Porter, 1980) whilst it is trying to maintain the cost reduction and process efficiency hence developing the organizational capabilities needed to achieve the bases of differentiation is a key challenge.

As described by Martilla & James, 1977 Virgin Atlantics should espouse Importance- Performance Analysis (IPA). This will allow the airline to understand critically the degree of satisfaction & care for passengers along with listing of the priorities for the crucial service items. The company only determines the profitability targets adhering with the airlines Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This will allow the airlines to monitor other performance indicators where there are shortfalls and these will be operative when business rewards are linked to the entity’s performance providing a podium for motivation and improving the efficiency and decision making of

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