Virgin Atlantic Airways
From the article”Start-ups in class of their own”,there are several marketing issue that use by Virgin Atlantic Airways and British Airways,both known as the big airlines companies in the world.Both of Virgin and British Airways do anylse in order to choosed what is the best strategy for their company.In order to give a satisfication to their costumer,they also offer augemented services which has the advantage from the others company.Furthermore,Virgin Airways focus their company as business class flights.But most of this article give informations that Virgin Airways and also British Airways taken notice after their researched the other aviation companies strategy.They also improve their price in oder to improve thie productivity.

According to Kotler(p.301,2010),augemented products is something that product planner build around the core and actual products by offering additional consumer services and benefits.In this article,Virgin Airways offer an augemented products that become an advantage from the other companies,such as private departure,arrival lounges,and also path through the airport,so their costumer can past the usual crowds at the gate.Virgin Airways offer something that base on status things,they focus on business traveler.According to Kotler(p.214,2010),people usually choose appropriate to their roles and status,which in this case as the business traveler they will choose the airplanes company which can offer better quality travel time in order to assist their work.

To make an improvement for their company,they also identify the other company competitor,and taken notice after analyse it,in this article,after knew that demand has excees in Eos and MaxJet offer trans-Atlantic Services,Virgin Airways also make plane to start fling some international routes.According to Kotler(p.100,2010),to analyse competitor marketing strategies,first the company must know their competitors to make a comparison.In this case,Virgin Airways already

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