Viral Marketing and Emotional Integral Ads
Essay Preview: Viral Marketing and Emotional Integral Ads
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Viral Marketing and Emotional Integral Ads
As many would agree, finance department of any company in any business is the brain of the company. And what constitutes to be the heart and soul of any company is referred to as the marketing department. If business was related to a human body, the department of the business which pumps every other part of the body with oxygen would be marketing department. Now, what exactly is marketing? Unlike old times, it is not only about communicating products to consumers. And “” defines marketing as “The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising”. But in this definition, the part about selling relates more to sales rather than marketing. And if we dig deeper into the subject of marketing, it can be observed that it does overlap with the concepts of sales and advertising. In fact, marketing is a very crucial element and exists in all the parts of business from the start to the end.

So an apt definition of marketing, from among the thousands of definitions out there, can be, “Marketing is a series of well managed steps that lead to getting any company’s target clients and customers interested in the company’s services and products.”

And marketers are the people who use marketing as a tool to fine-tune the process of selling any service or product to consumers with a goal to optimize results.

The role of marketing in today’s continuously changing business environment is too diversified to explain in one single article. Regardless, we’ll try to discuss a few key aspects of a type of marketing named, Viral Marketing and how it works the best with ads that appeal to the emotions of the consumers.

With the advent of so many networking and social media platforms (such as, facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc) marketing, as it once used to be, has chosen a route far away from the traditional ways of using television and print media. While it is great to give a huge ad in a few local newspapers or make a 30 second video and pay a large sum of money for it to be shown in between some TV shows, the plus points from these networking and social media platforms would definitely be too many. And the biggest factor supporting that is the ability to reach so many consumers by putting in little efforts and that too at a cheaper cost.

And when using this way of marketing, we are moving towards a point of viral marketing that will only benefit the company and its sales figures. And as such, the viral form of marketing has become the objective of digital marketing. When any company or brand decides to invest its capital in advertising and less of paid media, more attention is paid to achieving more and more shares on the ads on the social media platforms. And sometimes, behind this objective of achieving shares, a few companies may sacrifice the effectiveness of advertising

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