Essay title: Hackers
Hacking seems to be the biggest mystery to me. I read “Hacking it”, and it kind of gave an over look of this growing criminal activity. Hacking is the viewing of wide-open spaces of the Internet as their own territory, hackers resent any attempt to limit where they can travel in cyberspace. Hackers like to think of them selves not as outlaws because they feel that as long as they don’t steal or destroy anything, they aren’t doing harm. But I think that is completely wrong, they figure that is it ok for them raid peoples accounts and ticket agencies for there own profit. Hacking has seemed to start to become idolized by society because many few have the knowledge to figure out confidential and difficult passwords. Getting into private files such as the CIA, SS, etc… is what hackers live for. It was also mentioned in this section that retired hackers have changed sides to help out the people trying to get rid of hackers, advising them on how to keep the next generation of hackers out. The computer world is big, and it seems like a HUGE mystery to me where to even go or what to even do to

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