Vectors And Projectiles
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After successfully completing the first two videos of the Paul Hewitt series, I have been drawn to this course. The third video of the series reviews the concepts of vectors and projectiles. In this video Paul goes over a lot of previously stated formulas. The ideas of how fast or hoe far an object travels are restated.

The idea of how fast an object travels is known as its velocity. The velocity is found by finding how far an object travels over a period of time. It may be easier to multiply the pull of gravity, which in a free falling object is ten meters per second accelerating, by the seconds the object remains it the air. The product will result in how fast the object was traveling.

The idea of how far an object travels is known as the distance. The distance can be found by multiplying the amount of time an object is in the air by itself and then multiplying the results by five. For example, a rock dropped off a cliff takes five seconds to strike bottom. Multiply five times itself and then by five. The rock was dropped from 125 meters high.

My favorite part of this video was when Paul explained about a time he went on a church trip hang gliding. The purpose of the story was to get a point across about dropping a rock off a cliff and being able to determine the distance to the bottom. The humor in this helped me grasp the concept of time. The humor was he dropped the rock and it rolled down because there was not a straight drop. The point he was trying to get was to throw the rock. Not to throw it up or down, but to throw it straight and it would strike the bottom at the same time as it would on a free fall.

In conclusion, this video pretty much tied the first one together with the idea of horizontal projection. Generally stating that the horizontal distance along with the vertical drop will still hit bottom at the same time. The fact that for every 8km the earth curves 5m covers

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