Choosing My Topic
Choosing My Topic
Why I chose my topic…
Video games have been a part of my life every since I was three years old. I remember watching my father and uncles play video games with each other and I always wanted to join in the excitement. The first game that I ever played with my family was Super Mario Brothers, which was on the Nintendo. My father bought my first videogame system, the Sega Genesis, for me when I was ten years old and to this day I have been addicted to videogames. I use to sell candy to my classmates so I could have money to rent games, save up all the money I received for my birthdays and Christmas to buy new games, and read all the latest magazines so I could know what new video games would be released. Now that I am older I am in school to become a video game designer. I would like to work for a major video game company and help create games that I know and love.

It was not hard for my to choose to write about this issue because I feel so strongly about it. It has been many times that

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