Is Frankenstein Modern?
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Is Frankenstein Modern?
In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, how would Victor Frankenstein and the monster be perceived in today’s society appose to the time period Shelley wrote her Novel?

If on a present day Jury panel, what would Mary Shelley’s verdict be for someone who committed murder? Would she empathize with a defendant whose only motive was lack of companionship, and love? This is a profoundly subjective inquisition, based upon whether we are analyzing the novel in the era in which it was transcribed or we are applying it to present day. If not read literally we can examine some of Shelley’s motifs, and see how they relate to both time periods.

Victor Frankenstein was brought to life in Shelley’s Novel, and viewed as a self absorbed, egotistical individual with only the pursuit of his happiness on mind. Along his quest for knowledge, Victor created a monster in which he brought to life. Once Victor embraced the monster, he instantaneously shunned his creation. He befriended the monster believing him to be hideous and grotesque. Victor says: “When I thought of him, I gnashed my teeth, my eyes became inflamed, and I ardently wished to extinguish that life which I had so thoughtlessly made.” He was perceived as an appalling selfish person for bringing a being to life and denying it companionship. The Monster is intelligent and is able to converse eloquently, and soon understands how he came into being. The only purpose of his existence is to bring misery to his creator, Victor. Victor’s monster also inflicted havoc on a innocent victim ripping his heart out. This astounding act of violence portrayed by the monster was nearly viewed as a act of rebellion due to the lack of love and regard by his guardian. This creature can almost be empathized with as the “good guy” in the setting it was originated.

If Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was depicted into a movie in this day and age, society would flip the script on their feelings toward the characters. The monster is parallel to today’s rebellious adolescent that comes from a disconnected home. The monster would be seen as a individual that is responsible for his own actions, but failed and turned onto society as a psychotic murder. No matter what circumstances the monster came from he would be

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