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In our diverse world, recognizing individual learning styles and personality can benefit the communication and collaboration on a team. But to balance this, it is important to understand individual learning styles, strategy is of equal importance for the best approach to reach the common goal. In this paper, we will look at Verbal/Linguistic, Visual/Spatial and naturalistic learning styles and a few strategies to communicate and collaborate within a team.

Verbal/Linguistic is the ability to communicate through language such as re-teaching, and writing, listing, and speaking. Individuals who, possess the verbal-linguistic skill often far better succeed in school then individuals without (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007). A person who possesses the skill of verbal-linguistic can provide easy understandable metaphors to link to the lesson being taught. This type of person would be best in a presenter role.

Visual-spatial is the ability to represent, perceive, manipulate and find ones way in space. Individuals who possess the visual-spatial skill often find that they can organize, analyze the information to present. A person that possesses the skill of visual-spatial is a person that can create easy understandable charts, data flow processes to represent the data being taught. This type of person would be best in an organizational role.

Naturalistic is the ability to understand the features of the environment. Individuals who possess the naturalistic skill often find that they can keep balance. An example of a person who possesses the skill of naturalistic is a person who can negotiate during conflict. In negotiation, they can mitigate the issue and find a compromise. This type of person would be best in a negotiation role.

The success of communication and collaboration within a team is to use effectively each other strength to make up for anothers weakness. Those that have verbal/linguistic skills will effectively use their writing skills to be persuasive. Those that have visual-spatial skills will effectively use their imagery to express clear thoughts. Those that have naturalistic skills will effectively use their delicate balance in sticky situations (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007).

Different personality styles brought forth to a team can either clash or complement each other. Individuals work on their own strengths, which is why a strategy is needed to work together. This can prove to be an advantage to improve communication and collaboration. “Knowing how you learn will also help you to set goals for positive change in areas that you find more difficult and use strategies that will most effectively move you toward those goals” (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007).

While the thinker, organizer, adventurer and giver have different personalities, knowing the personalities can allow collaboration with each other strengths. Thinkers can solve the problems

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