Vengeful Max Fisher
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Vengeful Max Fisher
Has anyone ever done something to you that made you feel so bad you had to do something even worse to them? This was how Max Fisher felt in the movie Rushmore. The movie, filmed in 1998 by a director called Wes Anderson, was about a boy named Max Fisher who falls in love with a kindergarten teacher called Ms. Cross. His best friend Herman Blume, an owner of a ten million dollar company, also falls in love with Ms. Cross, who also likes Herman. Max feels he had been betrayed by his friend and se starts to do all sorts of vengeful things including the following: sending pictures of Ms. Cross to get her fired, shooting the Irish guy with a B.B.Gun, and cutting off Herman Blumes cars break lines. Max is a very naДЇve person and thinks he can go out with a teacher when she is about thirty years older than him. He is also very outgoing and is involved in many clubs: fencing club, literature club, racing club, wrestling, beekeeping club, kite club, woodshop club etcРHe concentrates mostly on his clubs, not his school grades; if he fails one more class he is about to get expelled out of Rushmore Academy. Max gains 2 valuable things from his vengeful actions: the realization of the grief in revenge, and how to make it up.

Max Fisher is a very vengeful person; he does many things including the attempt to get the teacher that he loves, Ms. Cross, fired when he found out that his best friend, Herman Blume, fell in love with the teacher too. To get her fired, Max sends pictures of Ms. Cross to the Principal of Rushmore Academy, Dr. Guggenheim. The principal asks, “why are you doing this to her?” Max says, “Because she betrayed meÐ…” It turns out that Ms. Cross resigns because of this. When Max get beat up by Magnus, the Irish guy, because of making fun of him, he seeks revenge by getting a BBgun and shooting him in the ear while Magnus was innocently walking by. “Bloody! Why did you do that!” he asks, and Max responds, “Now both your ears are messed up, were even now, for ruining my life!” Another way Max Fisher seeks revenge was by sneaking up to Herman Blumes car, located in his factory, and acted like a criminal; he crawled under his sleek black carЖprobably worth more that the factory itselfЖand snipped his break-lines off and caused him to endanger pedestrians walking down the street; he almost ended up crashing with another vehicle, all because Herman Blume started dating Ms. Cross and Herman ran over his bicycle. This whole incident ended up by Max Fisher being arrested at his new public school. Therefore, because of the Ms. Cross firing incident, BBgun shooting incident, and the Herman Blumes car incident, Max Fisher is a very vengeful person.

Because of Max Fishers vengeful acts, there were two things that resulted: he ended up realizing that revenge is a bad action to take, and how to make up what he had done in the past. Max Fisher realized that revenge was a bad thing when he succeeded in completing the tasks on

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