Checklist for Outsourcing Agreement
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Commencement Date
When will Vendor begin to provide services to Customer?
What is the proposed migration date?
Entities Receiving Services from Vendor
Are there any other Customer (or third?party) entities that will receive services from Vendor under the Agreement?
Does Customer foresee a change in, or want the latitude to change, its corporate structure over the term of the Agreement?
Requirements Contract
Does Customer want the right to purchase information technology services from a third?party vendor (e.g., services above the baseline)?
Machines (Systems)
Which machines will Vendor (a) maintain, (b) provide system management services for, (c) provide help desk services for, and (d) upgrade?
Do Vendors responsibilities with respect to machines include all end?user machines?
Who will have responsibility for the hardware leases and third party maintenance agreements?
Prepare/update machine inventory.
Determine point at which responsibility for end?user machines ends and responsibility for host begins.
Agreements to be Reviewed (to determine whether consent from third party vendor is necessary)
Software licenses
Hardware leases
Maintenance agreements
Other services agreements (e.g., microfiche, print, disaster recovery)
Applications/Systems Software
Who will retain financial and administrative responsibility for applications software?
Who will retain financial and administrative responsibility for systems software?
Prepare a list of all proprietary and third party software (applications and systems) currently used by Customer.
Will systems/applications software licenses be assigned to Vendor or will Vendor be permitted access to software licensed by Customer?
Application Development
Who will have responsibility for application development services?
Application Maintenance
How will application development and application maintenance services be distinguished (e.g., more than 80 person?hours)?
Prepare a list of services which Customer currently considers to be included in application maintenance to be provided by Vendor.
How will the baseline for application maintenance be set ( e.g., person hours, headcount, function points)?
How will the costs of obtaining consents be allocated (prior to the date of the Agreement and upon termination of the Agreement)?
Vendor should be responsible for the cost of obtaining any consents from third parties.
Performance Standards
Specify the performance standards in respect of Vendors provision of services.
Does Customer document/benchmark its current performance standards?
Does Customer have planned or interrupted system downtime?
Specify liquidated damages (credits) which Vendor will incur if Vendor fails to perform in accordance with such performance standards.
Vendor should be required to meet performance standards during the migration period.
Retained Assets/Responsibilities

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