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The reason for choosing the Automobile industry lies in its current development and future potential of the industry. Various technological changes, the political and economic factors create various imperatives for supply chain architecture and business portfolio management (Nieuwenhuis & Wells, 2003).

The major focus of this study will be the analysis of the claimed decision to close the Jaguar plant in Coventry (BBC, 2004). Though this case depicts only the single dimension of the overall business situation of the company – Jaguars performance, the analysis will be helpful in highlighting the interrelated nature of mutual impact between a single business unit and the company.

This company was selected because of the nature of its operations and the complexity of its organisational context which shows that any strategic option is a complex decision with which creates various alternatives and the cost of certain opportunity.

The dissertation will start with the overview of the automotive industry and the way initial product is produced and delivered. This overview will highlight the key elements that shall be incorporated into the strategic process by a vehicle manufacturer in order to succeed. Besides, this discussion will help to set the basis for the analysis of the triggers that initiated Fords decision to close the factory and the further rationale behind this strategic move. The other major purpose of this section is to show the factors that make this industry truly global and the way various strategic decision in one field may influence the strategic content on other areas.

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