Facilties at La Salle
La Salle College has various facilities that can be classified as ‘state of the art’; however this picture shows various collated images which only show a selection of detail of all the facilities La Salle has to offer. The words across the text show the main purpose that the text is illustrating and the types of facilities provided at the college. This image shows a misrepresentation of how it looks in reality as La Salle has many other facilities which are not shown as they would not be classified as ‘state of the art’ due to the condition and appearance of them. People would not want to see old art tables and equipment, instead they would want to see fresh modern art tables with the latest equipment and technology.

The photos in the text lack symmetry as many disfeatures are shown in the image and have purposely been cropped out to make the pictures more appealing to the audience. This can be a slight misrepresentation of the facilities in real life, but it helps promote the facilities to other people.

The focus of the image is the centre of the text which instantly tells the audience what the text is representing and the ideas we are trying to convey about La Salle College. The colours of black and white together help make the words stand out against the colourful images in the background. Each image in the text is taken from an angle to show the whole feature so people can have an idea of what the facility is like. The images used are mainly the facilities which have been updated most recently as they are more advanced compared to the other facilities.

Given more time the pictures could have been brighter to appeal more to the audience and also to make the pictures appear more modern and ‘state of the art.’ The words used on the text could have been more creative to make the school seem more well off financially and have quality facilities.

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