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Success is a big part of life that everyone desires. Success helps people by giving them motivation and making them feel as if they are able to achieve their goals. But Success just doesnt come to us without putting any effort. In order to obtain that success, one must do a variety of things in order to achieve success of any kind. Even though people may not believe it slightest efforts may be of help in reaching the success in life.

I for example am interested in things such as modeling, pictures, and even designing clothes. What has motivated me to want to have this career or activity in my life is how creative this job looks. modeling picture taking all relate artistically. Although, in order for me to be successful in that area, I must be prepared and have had constant practice each day. Modeling requires a lot of confidence and good self-esteem of ones self as well as staying in shape. Picture taking also takes a lot of practice as well as dedication, but to be successful in this area practice and knowledge is required. As well as designing clothes, much practice and creativity is required if you want to be successful in this area.

The way I would be able to achieve success in these areas of my interest, would be, of course, dedication creativity knowledge and even practice. There are different ways I could achieve my modeling dream could be by keeping a healthy diet and good amount of exercise I could stay in shape and keep a model figure. Another thing I could do to improve my modeling experience would be increasing my self-esteem and confidence I have in myself. The way i could achieve success later in life with my picture taking experience could be by practicing, taking a class or even have subjects I could practice on with taking pictures. And as for designing clothes I could start the success by creating many ideas of clothes I would like to provide for stores in the future.

There are many experiences and goals that people have in which they would love to be successful with. In order for that success to come complete and the way a person wants it, they must put in all the effort they are able to, to achieve the best results that can possibly come from that experience.

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