The Seven Tools of Quality
Essay Preview: The Seven Tools of Quality
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The Seven Tools of Quality
There are seven tools of quality as described by Sanghera pp. 324-329 (2010) which are:
1.Flowchart – This diagram is used to show inputs, outputs, and actions of one or more processes. In construction, I have used this chart as a procedural flow chart to clearly define processes and procedures for a number of disciplines. This chart can be used to establish protocols for quality control and monitoring but also can be used to determine how a system or procedure is implemented or processed. As an example, I have used flow charts to set protocol for change order procedures, correspondence review and processing, invoice and payment procedures, and a variety of other project management processes.

2.Run Chart – This chart is used to analyze or track a trend and use the past performance to predict a future result. In construction, I have used this type of chart to help track labor output trends based on past performance in order to predict labor outputs to reach a reasonable completion date.

3.Scatter Diagram – This chart is used to track the relationship between two variables and is used in construction when a project has an “Open Shop” labor pool of both Union and Non-Union Labor.

4.Histogram – This chart displays the importance of each variable and how each one relates to another. As an example, on subsurface remediation and marine projects, many variables can cause a domino effect with other variables when it comes to the consistency of soils and subsurface compaction. This chart helps organize the data and the relation of these variables to each other.

5.Pareto Diagram – This diagram identifies and ranks errors based on the frequency of defects caused by them. I have not had the opportunity to use this tool on the construction projects that I have been involved with.

6.Control Chart – This chart monitors variances of a specified variable and confirms if the variance is within acceptable quality control parameters. In construction, certain threshold testing results are charted using the control method. This application is used in tracking compressive strength of concrete, structural steel tolerances, and subsurface compaction standards.

7.Cause and Effect Diagram – This chart is used to explore all the various causes of a problem or effect. In construction, this diagram can be used to assist in determining a solution to a certain material defect or an improper installation.

As the project manager for 15 mile road construction project, I have developed the WBS and then prepared an overall project schedule with associated necessary resources to complete the project. I will implement a risk management plan, communications plan, and a quality control and monitoring plan.

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