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Ethical Filter Worksheet
Tashia Thomas
University of Phoenix
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Justify the Values Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.

Financial Gain
My personal thought is that no one works because they want to work. It always about the money and the more the better. I have worked in several low paying jobs just to pay the bills but I am targeted at a high salary career.

I placed financial gain at the top of my list because everything that I do in life is eventually to make more money. I believe that financial gain is a guiding value for most. Many times there are challenges for this value such as having to accept or reject a low paying job and having to push to advance in position and salary. Because of those challenges I am obtaining my masters so that I can demand the high salary that I believe I am worth and deserve. It is always all about the money!

Career Advancement
Nobody wants to be stuck in a dead end job. I know I do not. I do not mind starting at the bottom and working my way up but there has got to be an up to work toward. In my last job my boss told me that I would never be able to advance my career or make more than $9 an hour. That is why I knew it was time to find a new job, one where I can advance.

I placed career advancement as second value because it is very important to me. I want a career where I am able to advance. I would like to join a company where I am able to learn all aspects of the company and can be challenged. I want to be able to advance rapidly based on the knowledge and challenges accomplished in that company. I believe that in life and work challenges to get it done and move on and up.

Work Environment
My experience is that if the work environment is happy it is easier for a person to be happy. I remember having a job and all my coworkers had a negative attitude and the management team gave inadequate training which made it impossible to correctly complete many assignment in a timely manner.

I placed work environment as my third value because I know that if I am working in a well managed and friendly work environment I will be happier and more productive. Challenges to this value include things such as hostile coworkers, inadequate managers, and difficult work assignments. In order to overcome those challenges I focus on the positive things and ask questions

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