The Bible and the Buddist Reilgion
Essay title: The Bible and the Buddist Reilgion
The Bible and the Buddhist Religion
Within this paper I will discuss the outlooks within the Catholic and Buddhist religion. I will focus on the beliefs and values of both religions, readings from the Bible, Buddhas Nobel Truths, and the Eight Fold Path. I will use the understandings which I have gained from these readings and apply them to my own life. I hope to use these in order to focus on my personal life and issues. Throughout this paper I will attempt to find answers for the following questions: What is a “true” Catholic, Have I met those standards, What values shape my life, What are my true beliefs, and Who am I? Another objective that I own is to determine what elements of the Catholic religion are incorporated in my life; in addition, what other religious values outside of my own do I allow to shape my life. By answering these questions I hope to raise new thoughts or views, this will enable me to discover more about myself.

Throughout my lifes journey I have been brought up under the Catholic religion. My family strongly believes in Catholic beliefs, therefore I have been taught to obey those beliefs and values of my familys religion. I begin to wonder if my past actions have met the standards of what a true “Catholic” should be. This then raised a second question, “Who judges whether or not I have met those standards.” Although I do not attend church on a regular basis, I still attempt to obey the Catholic religion. The reason why I have tried to remain a “true” Catholic is because this is what my family accepts; therefore I feel obligated to reach their expectations. I also believe that if I continue to meet their expectations, I will be a good Catholic in their eyes. This statement answers my previous question, “who judges whether or not I have met hose standards.” I believe that the perceptions which my family posses based on my actions are the most important. The reason I truly believe this to be true is because my family or myself should be the one to determine whether my actions are accepted or not accepted; I do not believe that God should be the only one who decides on my wrong doings. This is one belief that would not be accepted under the Catholic religion. The rule that places God above everything is one element of my religion that I disagree with. I know this because my familys values and views are more important than what God maintains. Even though I carry Gods values and beliefs along with me throughout my life and use those for some guidance, I continue to find myself putting my personal values before his, for instance my family. Another reason why I have decided to put my values before Gods, is because within the Bible I have been given the freedom to choice. The Bible states that we are free because we have the ability to choose what we want to do, however we will encounter consequences and pay for it later. I do agree that every action has a consequence, whether it is positive or negative. On the other hand I begin to wonder how I will re pay God for taking advantage of this freedom. Being a Catholic I have been brought up to want Gods reward, Heaven, and therefore do believe in Heaven and Hell. Then again, I feel that Heaven is not only “Gods reward.” I also believe that Hell should not and will not be my re – payment to God for choosing my own actions. The bible has given me this freedom; therefore I should not have to visit Hell for my chosen actions. Once again I believe that if I act as a true Catholic in my familys eyes I will be able to reach Heaven in the course of my afterlife. Therefore, I will continue to act in ways which I choose, and I can only hope that my actions are accepted by my family.

One family value that I find myself to follow time and time again is as follows, “it is ok to take risk in order to find happiness within my life.” In addition to my important value, family, happiness is another personal value which I posses. I truly believe that if an individual is not able to find happiness within their lifes journey, that one has not lived. This personal statement is also found within the Buddhist religion. The Buddhist religion is based on four Noble Truths; “Existence is happiness, unhappiness is caused by selfish craving, selfish craving can be destroyed, and it can be destroyed by following the Eight Fold Path” (E.A. Burntt, p. 28). I agree with these truths, however I somewhat disagree that all unhappiness evolves from selfish craving. First off I know that I agree with Buddhas first noble truth, “Existence is happiness;” I believe that happiness is necessary here and now in order to live a content life. This personal belief makes me wonder whether I am happy in the moments that I am presently

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