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In the following paper I will be writing a memo that is addressed to the head of American Intellectual Union. This memo will address all of the questions from the unit 2 IP list and will be all inclusive of the information regarding those questions and the answers to the questions.

To: Head of the American Intellectual Union
From: Ryan Stirm
Date: 2 September 2012
Subject: The value of statistics
Dear Head of the American Intellectual Union:
I am writing this E-Mail to inform you of the information we have found regarding the excel spreadsheet that was compiled based on information we have gathered regarding the various different aspects of your current employees.

Overview of the Data Set
We have gathered a variety of information regarding the many different aspects of your employees in order to present a set of findings that will show a correlation of many different areas. This data table was compiled in order to give you a good solid assessment of where your company stands in regards to employee satisfaction and overall job performance.

We have gathered a variety of different information regarding your current employees. This information includes the gender, age, department, position, tenure, job satisfaction, extrinsic, intrinsic and benefits information of all of the personnel who are currently employed by your corporation. The benefits, position, tenure and job satisfaction sections are all qualitative in nature and the gender, age, and department sections are all quantitative in nature. The categories that we have used are gender, age, department, position, tenure, job satisfaction and benefits. These areas were chosen as we can gather a lot of information that can be correlated into a spreadsheet that can show you the variables between such categories as job satisfaction/department/tenure to show you were there are areas that could use improvement based on our findings. This information can then be used in order to determine how certain areas such as job satisfaction and tenure can be improved by increasing other areas such as department and position or even benefits.

Use of Statistics and Probability in the Real World
There is a University in New Zealand that has began using statistics in the workplace in order to determine new needs for statistics classes in order to determine what needs to be taught in statistics classes in order to help post graduates in the workforce compete and be effective in a workplace that requires the use of statistics

The Value of Statistics
Statistics holds a great value in the workplace, when there are companies who are going to perform a downsize they use a statistics program in order to analyze who is required in order to continue to keep the company functional and who can let go. By using statistics the proper people can be let go while still maintaining the functional integrity of the business itself.

The information that can be found in a distribution

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