Giant Supermarket Case Analysis
im a student in Malaysia its my last year and i working on my final year project, im facing difficulities with the business part of my project and i would like to use the help of this website and get to understand more about the retail industry in Malaysia.Porters five forces is a powerful tool used to analyze the business in a way that shows where the power lies in an industry, which helps to understand the current trend of the organizations in the industry therefore can have a clear picture of how it can be improved. The porters five forces are power of supplier, power of buyer, competitive rivalry, threat of substitute and threat of new entrants. The use of the tool is to understand each of these forces then apply them based on the observation of the situation given.

Value chain analysis was published by porter as well but the value chain analysis focus more on the implementation methodology which will give more elaboration on the internal capabilities and opportunities in the competitive landscape. Value chain analysis gives a wider picture of the profit potential of all organizations within a particular industry and that by the differences in performance exist between companies operating within the same industry and that either by participating in a successful strategic group or by a firms specific competitive advantages.

Consumer behavior is an important aspect that has to be analyzed in order to understand the retail and hypermarket industry in Malaysia, understanding the consumer behavior is through a study that shows how individuals make decisions to spend their available resources such as time, money and effort on consumption related items, it also includes the study of finding the answers of questions such as what they buy, why they buy it, when they buy it, where they buy it, how often they buy it and how often they use it.

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