The Value Chain Analysis of Motorola
Essay Preview: The Value Chain Analysis of Motorola
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im from malaysia and im a undergraduate student. i would like to find some information regarding to my assignment of the subject, strategic management,which it is about the analysis on motorola. and i need help .and this is what i found :Internal Analysis

Porter (1985) in his seminal work of value chain proposed it as a tool to identify and to analyse the origins of competitive advantages and suggested that the activities of the business could be grouped into two: primary and support activities. What activities a business undertakes is linked to achieving its competitive advantage, and Motorola seemed to be best prepared to implement a global strategy, because of the superior competitive advantages of its foreign operations compared with Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Sony Ericsson. Paradoxically, Motorolas rivals showed a greater disposition to use resources from outside of the United States (Businessweek 2008). Thus, Motorola need to largely focus on building a strategy that would allow the company to recover its competitive position in its own home market, which was essential for survival (Businessweek 2008). An analysis of the structural and institutional factors that shaped Motorolas strategic response both to the new industry rules and the short-term challenges posed by other industry competitors explains this paradox. A number of broad sustainability challenges set the context for all of the value chain activities. These issues apply across the value chain: (1) Population growth; (2) Urbanisation; (3) Child mortality; (4) Maternal health; (5) Infectious diseases; (6) Biodiversity; (7) Loss of ecosystem services; (8) Poverty; (9) Education; and (10) Gender Equality (Businessweek 2008). All these issues are attended to by the Motorola Inc. in alignment with their efforts to maintain sustainable competitive advantage through preserving the good public image that their clients expect from them.

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