Logical & Physical Design of Network
Essay Preview: Logical & Physical Design of Network
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Logical and Physical Design
of a Network
Why is it useful to use both a physical and a logical network design? A physical layout of the network shows the physical location of and the connections between devices participating on the network. In such diagrams, workstations are usually represented with small computer icons, servers with full tower cases, and switches. The Logical Design is the IP structure of your network depending on the services that will be provided to clients, you might need to analyze the possible traffic patterns that might result from your plan. Locate potential bottlenecks and, where possible, alleviate them by providing multiple paths to resources or by putting up servers that provide replicas of important data so that load balancing can be provided.

The following are other factors to consider:
Who are the clients? What are their actual needs? How have you determined these needs from user complaints or from help-desk statistics? Is this data reliable?

What kinds of services will you provide on the network? Are they limited in scope? Will any involve configuring a firewall between LANs? And if so, that still doesnt account for configuring a firewall to enable access to the Internet.

Will you need to allow an Internet connection for just your internal networks users, or will use you need to allow outside vendors access to your network? One example that comes to mind is the Internet Printing Protocol .

What will it cost to evaluate what kind of services user groups need to access from the Internet?
Will you need to allow all users to use email within the internal network and through the firewall on the Internet? The same goes for what sites users will be allowed to access using a network browser and other network applications.

Will you have users who work from home and require dial-in or VPN access
through the Internet?
How important it is to let all users have unlimited access to the Internet. If users need to exchange email with vendors, outside consultants, or customers, for example, then you should be sure to send this traffic through a content filter or firewall, and use virus-protection software to detect and prevent malicious code or virus-infected attachment Applications such as FTP allow users to send or receive files from remote systems. Can you trust each

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