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In the autobiography “The Chase”, Annie uses a significant amount of detail in her different writing techniques to make the story realistic. The details can be seen with her use of transitions and description during the chase. Dillard uses tone and language of the characters to make it feel like actual occurrence. She also uses one of the rhetorical elements, which is climax, to support the thesis. Dillard made use of this element to keep a suspenseful demeanor that anticipates the reader on wanting to know whats going to happen

The way that Annie pulls her reader in is by having them think and guess. Annie does this by keeping the audience puzzled of when they will get captured, and what would happen if they were to be captured. Dillard also brings the surroundings in the story to life with many details which make the reader feels like he/she is in the story. The narrative especially captures the audience because of its drama and suspenseful scenes.

One of the most important part of this story is the thesis. Annies thesis is a lesson learned of no matter what we do in life, we always give it our all and to never give up. She shares this experience with her reader to justify that anyone can accomplish anything by pushing one own limits to achieve their goals. Annies thesis is then seen again during the suspenseful initial of the chase.

In addition, Annie wanted to let the audience view the world through a childs eyes. This allows the reader to connect with their inner child and find the passion and drive that they need to accomplish their goals. Dillard also opens the door for the reader to join her game when the man initiated the pursuit. It makes the reader begin to understand that the chase is not some child-like accomplishment to Annie; instead the man proved worthy of her respect.

In conclusion, both parties in the chase manifested perseverance and determination. The childrens goal was to escape the enraged man while the man wanted to get his point out to the children. The two situations gave their efforts into something which develops the theme in “The Chase.” Even though the two parties tone were different, they both had the theme of putting in their best efforts into anything that is attempted.

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