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When watching the television show “Gilligans Island” there are some features that are reminiscent of the Greek and Roman theatre. For example, the opening credits on “Gilligans Island” explain the story of what events took place before the action of the show starts to kind of catch the audience up to speed and give them a little background to help them understand what the situation is when the episode begins. This is similar to the role that the Greek chorus played. They served, partly, as narrators to explain the action and background behind the play to help the audience understand what the play was about. The chorus was a very important part of the Greek theatre as is the theme song at the beginning of “Gilligans Island.” They both allowed major portions of the plays/shows action to be given off stage so that the main plot could be focused on. It allows the writer to get to the point of the play/show quickly without losing any important pieces and still giving the audience a full picture of the message that he/she is trying to convey.

Another similarity is the use of stock characters in Gilligans Island.” The role of the protagonist is played by the Skipper and the role of the foil is played by Gilligan. The Skipper is strong and pretty smart and Gilligan is scrawny and not very smart at all. It is sort of hard to definitively assign the other character types because they seem to fluctuate from episode to episode. For the most part, however, the Professor plays the role of the raissoneur or the confidente because he always seems to have the right answers for how to do things. The rest of the characters such as Ginger and the millionaire and his wife seem to be the stereotypes. Finally, the antagonist role changes the most from episode to episode. Sometimes, it is played by someone who comes to the island that they are on or sometimes, it is just the island itself because they are always unable to leave for some reason or another. Like in the Greek and Roman theatre, using stock characters allows the audience to relate to the characters that are being portrayed and gets the audience to feel like they are more involved with what is happening. This makes the jokes funnier and the action more believable because the character types are familiar to the audience in contexts

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