Research on Importance of Social Networking in Current Scenario
Research Guideline
“Research on Importance of Social Networking in current scenario”
This research will be conducted by interviewing a fellow student. Interview will be short and more on discussion basis rather than Question & Answer round. The interview will last approximately 15 minutes and will be recorded. The first 3 minutes of the interview will be transcribed on the paper. No Personal question will be asked. Interviewee information will be disclosed upon his/her approval.

Background Information on Interviewee
Date: 26th Feb 2011
Name: Jaspreet Dhaliwal
Background Information on Interviewer
Name: Nitish Sandilya
Following questions will be asked during the interview:
Are you a member of any social networking website? If yes, which one?
Why do you prefer this website amongst others
How often do you use it? How many hours a day you spend on SN?
What is the reason for using them?( Like connecting with family and friends)
Do you use this medium to connect with people to gain knowledge or just for fun?
Do you think use of SN is increasing and is it a better way of communicating with mass audience?
Are you comfortable with disclosing your Info on SN website/ other people can use or misuse your personal info? e.g. pictures
Dont you think SN is attacking private life of the people?
Sometimes SN is misleading. People have fake names and profile. What is your take on this?
What about the productivity? Do you think people these days are more concern about what is happening on their Facebook page. They even leave their work to manage Facebook.

Is SN good for children? Shouldnt there be an age limit on accessing these sites.
Transcript “Importance of Social Network in current scenario”
Interviewer: Nitish Sandilya
Interviewee: Jaspreet Dhaliwal
Nitish: Hello Jaspreet. How are you doing today?
Jaspreet: Hello Nitish. I am doing fine. How about you?
Nitish: Same here. Thank you for giving me time for my Research Interview on Importance of Social Networking in current scenario.

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