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The use of nonverbal communication is more common than that of verbal communication, and it is an essential part of human communication, which plays a significant role. Ignorance of nonverbal messages will result in incompleteness (Huang L. (2011))

Demonstrative communication is communicating without relying on word written and spoken. Demonstrative communication includes such things as clothing, facial expressions, and body language. Nonverbal communication can also be in response to verbal communication.

The focal point of this paper will be how demonstrative communication can be ineffective and effective for the receiver and the sender. How demonstrative communicate involves listening and responding with feedback will also be discussed. I will also touch on how gestures, facial expressions, and appearances can mean different things to different people.

Take for example a job interview, the applicant could be the sender and the receiver. If an applicant comes in dressed sloppy, dressed in jeans or even dressed to sexy it could make a negative impact on the interviewer. Appearance communicates a level of professionalism on an interview. I think that eye contact is a type of facial expression and communicates a level of confidence. On an interview is also good to give a firm hand shake when entering the room because to some a handshake gives an observation of ones personality. An applicant should use all of the above forms of nonverbal communications to emphasize whatever it is they are communicating verbally.

In my opinion the handshake is an ineffective way to measure what a person is communicating because to it is just a formality. Demonstrative communication can be without difficulty misinterpreted or too vague to judge. I have been accused of not listening because of my body posture but I was listening. My knee was hurting and I kept moving due to discomfort. . Gestures, facial expressions, and appearances can mean different things to different people.

Another example of demonstrative communication can be found in parenting where both the parents and child could be the sender and the receiver. This sort of communication is an effective way to get emotions across. When parents want to get their childs attention some can just give a look. They can also show a frowning face to show disapproval and a smiling face to show approval of happiness. On the other hand, a child can also use demonstrative communication when dealing with their parents by shedding tears and pouting. I personally do not believe demonstrative communication is a effective way to communicate to a child. This method takes away the childs option to respond with feedback, which more times than not, means the child does not understand what is benign communicated.

Demonstrative communication in the health care industry is the most effective, take for instance a stroke victim has lost them ability to talk.

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