Post Colonial Composition Pedagogy
Essay Preview: Post Colonial Composition Pedagogy
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Chapter 12 Post- Colonial Composition Pedagogy
Reading through this chapter it shows how Kami Fletcher explains her involvement with a Caucasian American professor that used the N-word in class, and how it affected her since she was an African American. The professor felt as if he did not need to apologize because he thought he was using freedom of speech, which was highly unlikely. Fletcher, who got very offended, tells us how Caucasian Americans dont see the word as being offensive, they felt as if it was a privilege. Kami argued over this matter with professors and other students about how their use of freedom of speech was disrespectful to her, so she asked of them to use the N-word instead of the actual word nigger. As an effect she was kicked out of class and some of the other students filed a case against her. At the end of the day she received a good grade, but still sticks to the argument of the use of N-word through freedom of speech which is very wrong. The use of that word in a classroom is not appropriate to African Americans they felt as if they are being disrespected and it is based off of color.

Personal Reflection
In my opinion I agree with Kami Fletcher the use of the word nigger is very wrong especially in a classroom setting. Many African Americans feel very hurt by the use of this word; this is very offensive to them. We had to overcome the use of slavery a long time ago, now were bringing the N-word in this, what does this world have to go through to see this is not rite. With Caucasian Americans saying they were using the freedom of speech, I think that is crap. That was just an excuse for them to use knowing that they were wrong so they tried to bring the constitution into it which was a failure. Using the N-word is better than using nigger, but wrong is wrong. I personally do not use that word at all I think its disrespectful and very un- lady like. Everyone has their own opinion I am just stating mines.

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