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Ergonomics, the use of color, lighting, furniture, and technology is making the land of the working and entertainment a much more comfortable place. Most companies have discovered the effects that ergonomics has on employees and customers and they have seen that it is a positive one. It is a proven fact that when ergonomics is balanced throughout an industry, it can improve production and sales.

Color is one of the oldest divisions of ergonomics. The stoplight used the three basic colors of red, green, and yellow and since then everyone has related the color red with stopping, yellow with caution, and green with active movement. One of the first businesses to discover the effects of color was “McDonalds”. They realized that the colors red and yellow were stimulating and caused people to eat more and at a faster rate. Because of this discovery, many fast food chains begin to incorporate brighter colors. More elegant restaurants use darker, monotone colors to cause people to relax and to enjoy their meals at a slower rate. Industries, such as casinos, arcades, and theme parks, use very bright colors such as neon green, pink, red, and yellow. These colors stimulate the eyes and send messages to the brain to stay awake and produce more energy.

However, business offices have to take a different approach. Instead of using brighter colors, offices need to use duller colors that do not cause distraction to those who are trying to work. Colors such as sage, rose, and eggshell, are used to keep brain activity and heart rates at an even pace. These colors are also used in waiting rooms, hospital rooms, and classrooms because of the calming effect they produce on people. In busier areas of a workplace, more vivid versions of the shades are used to cause a sense of alertness. For example, most hospitals use the colors white, red, and orange in their emergency rooms to show alarm and to keep physician, nurses, and other employees awake during their long shifts. Colors are one of the best ways to change an atmosphere and the intensity of a persons attitude.

Lighting goes along with colors because it is also a contrast of how bright or dim a room is. Just like colors, it is used in neon forms or very bright lights in places of entertainment. The only place people prefer little to no lighting is a movie theater.

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