Hinese Repression Of The Culture Of Tibet And Repression Of Democracy Activist Within China.
Essay Preview: Hinese Repression Of The Culture Of Tibet And Repression Of Democracy Activist Within China.
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Considering just these two variables (Tibet and Tiananmen) in the equation, yes the United States of America (US) should have relations with China. Yes, is a simplistic answer therefore this essay explains my personal reasoning about the tone of our relationship.

Not that the two wrongs (Tiananmen and Kent State) make a right but US students have also died at the hands of US military. This countries Native American culture was repressed by replaced with European culture. We armchair coaches Americans are quick (and right) to think that social and individual freedoms are no-brainers. The US was founded on equality for all, yet hundreds years later African Americans still suffer from inequality. Imagine Chinas view listening to the US talk about human rights.

Our textbook describes Chinas history of defending and isolating itself from invaders and aggressors (like Tibet); it will take time for them to seriously listen to foreign suggestions or beliefs. Our text mentions the Korean bridge; point is there are also other avenues of different exchanges. Through globalization US Western influence has already reached Chinas future generations in ways the Chinese government cannot stop. A nice home and a car (maybe two), these are the Western material things that Chinas government can perhaps address with just a tweak or two. The issues of individual freedom will take a future rework of the Chinese Government itself because inherently their equality is different than ours. In many Chinese populations group cooperation and provision of basic needs are all the equality or human rights they know and need.

China being a much older country their culture runs deep but for sure there will be more democratic changes in their future government policies. Many of the Buddhist sites that were destroyed by the Cultural Revolution have been rebuilt. Another example is that Cal State Fullerton and others have student exchange programs with China. The education gained from exposure to the outside world has already made an influence; it should be a positive one. At this point in time this type of US mutual relationship with China is essential for both countries future generations to succeed.

The US being of the international community would have a varying degree of concerns. Both issues (Tibet and Tiananmen) show that China is aggressive can and will use force. The International community should make China accountable for the means by which they solved their social problems in the two issues. Not a easy task but while negotiating with China to keep North Koreas nuclear capabilities under control the US must also consider the two human rights violations.

The other members of the International community that only perceive China as a trading partner with a huge economic potential would not consider the essays two issues. As Chinese coal demands decrease China can buy their increased oil demands straight from Iran with no problem. For some countries their distance is enough protection from Chinas social repression. The Europeans have formed a rather strong economic collation and now their Euro dollar is worth more than the US counterpart. The European Union sees little prospect of lifting its arms embargo on China in the near future. Countries in the same geographic region and those that have financial or military interest (the international community) are all ready on guard because of their geographic proximity to these two China social issues. India, which houses the exiled Tibetans, is a good example. While the US and other non-communist countries must have an open dialogue with China the tone of this relationship is not of a mutual agreement. Just as Beijing has installed a different child as the official Panchen Lama the US and our Allies should recognize there is a strong China spin machine.

Alas the root of it, economics verses human rights of expression and religion.
The USA is in tough spot because China does not necessarily care what the US does or says about the two issues. Of course they seek financial aide but China is both a big supplier and big customer to many. Business is good for China right now and their huge population is productive. Being a world power they can deal with other countries very easily for their material needs and supplies.

Moreover, the toughest aspect for the US government is that the answer lies within our own borders.
Unfortunately it seems that Boeing, Microsoft, Yahoo, and other big USA corporations adversely affect our US governments strategy towards demanding human rights. Yahoo blocks

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