Immigration Rights
Immigration Rights
Immigration Rights (2000-present)
As a class assignment I was given the chose to write a paper on any of the big movement rights such as the women’s right movement or the civil rights movement. I chose to do my paper on what is happening right now and is becoming a big movement which is the immigration rights movement!

Much debate is going on about this topic. This whole issue began when the US government proposed to pass a bill by the name of HR4437. If this bill were to ever be passed it would make being an undocumented immigrant a felony and criminalize anyone who offered non-emergency assistance to undocumented workers and there families. Many people have different opinions about this but I personally am against the bill wanting to be passed and think that if it wasn’t for our help and our dedication to work the US would be lost!

The US government doesn’t want immigrants in the US because they think that in the future they would want to conquer the US. They also want to throw immigrants out because we are considered illegal and because of that fact immigrants should be “deported” back to their countries! The bill the government plans to pass says that any undocumented immigrant will be considered a felony! So in other words the governments consider immigrants as aliens and a stranger to this country!

Being that I am definitely on the side of an immigrant I defend our rights. The government says that they think that immigrants would want to take over the US in the future. Well I say….weren’t some of these lands ours? They say that we are over populating the US. Well I say that if it wasn’t for us this

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