Matt Case
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one Two detectives escort Matt out of his classroom for questioning.
two In this part is a basketball match. Tarrytown against Rocky River School with Ugly Girl (Ursula Riggs).
three Ursula describes of the life from her and her dad. A bomb is in the Rocky River School, but nobody knows really who it was. Some think it was Matt Donaghy.

four The two detectives ask Matt if he want to say something, but he doesnt know anything.
five For Matt its so crazy, because he doesnt know anything what the detectives want to know. He calls to his mom and she come to him. Matt things about that what he said in the cafeteria.

six Ugly girl describes her family and that Lisa, her little sister, always become privilege. In the TV news come something about that what was happen in Rocky River School.

seven Matt call to Ursula and she say to him that she can be a witness for him.
eight Ursula goes to Mr Parrish and says to him that Matt made only a joke. Mr Parrish was the person who called the police.
nine Matt is suspending for a few days from school.
ten Matt waits for Ursula to go to the homeroom. But she doesnt want to go with him.
eleven Matt wants to send an e-mail to Ursula but he press delete, because the e-mail would be go to her heartbeat.
twelve Ugly Girl goes to Mr Parrish because he wants to say thank you. Later she sits with Bonnie LeMoyne and Eveann McDowd in the cafeteria. Then come Matt and Ursula hope that he doesnt see she.

thirteen Matt says that nobody of his class like him.
fourteen Nobody of the school see Matt any longer. But a few persons want to be Matts friends again.
fifteen Matt writes an e-mail to Ursula but he doesnt send it.
sixteen The mother of Ursula wants to see with Ursula and Lisa the dance troupe. Ursula describes the Brewer twins.
seventeen Matts mother doesnt feel herself safe in Rocky River and she want to go away.
eighteen Ursula think Brewer twins had report Matt to Mr Parrish. But they say that they didnt were it.
nineteen Many pupils of the Rocky River High School think and say that Ursula has something with Matt.
twenty The desk of Matt is empty. Ursulas dad want to know from her how Matt feels but she say that she isnt a friend of him.
twenty-one A few pupils push Matt the steps in the school down.
twenty-two Ursula quarrel herself with Lisa. At the next day

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