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I see now after reading Oklahoma why this musical has remained so popular throughout the years. Ive always found it easier to watch a musical as opposed to reading one. However, the lively, upbeat tempo of the musical really made me feel that I was watching it.

With Oklahoma taking place shortly after the turn of the century I think it brought on a whole new genre of entertainment to people. Although the plot is very simple and predictable it was portrayed in an upbeat way that people where not used to seeing. One observation I had from the reading Oklahoma was the clever way they used the music as part of the dialogue. Most plays use song as a way to keep the audience entertained. However, I think Oklahoma used the music to tell the stories of the characters in the play. Several characters were introduced during songs of the musical. The characters would sing songs either about themselves or others in the play. It was a way for them to express their feelings about one another and allow the story to progress on in a smooth manner.

Most of the characters in the play seemed to be fairly young, energetic people. Their problems were so much more manageable and yet handled in a way that did not affect society. Their idea of marriage was so simple. They all knew they would be marrying someone from their territory and raising a family without ever leaving to see what was outside of the territory. To me, that seems like such a sheltered way to live your live. But now days things are so much more complicated. Problems that could be manageable are blown out of proportion and marriages end in divorce and broken families. People are constantly moving and unsettled. Stabbings that occurred accidentally in that time are committed on purpose or for no reason today.

Reading Oklahoma has really opened my eyes to how much traditions and society have changed. Although some might look at the characters as being deprived of

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