The Unsatisfied Department Chair
The Unsatisfied Department Chair
Are “merit” salary increase always based on merit? Why or why not?
As a general principle, meritorious performance should be rewarded with merit salary increases. Meritorious performance is defined as performance of assigned duties at a substantially higher than satisfactory level. The time span for evaluation for meritorious performance is relatively short, recent activity as well as current level of activity should be considered.

If you were Dean Tolentino, how will you explain your decision to give equal percentage salary increases for all department chairs to Roman?
Dean Tolentino decision is against the University’s policy stating that all salary increases are purely based on merit. As per his decision, I would explain that all department chairs received an equal amount of salary (regardless of merit) increase to avoid emotional pressure, this will also help the department chairs to have equal motivation and the advantage of which according to my forecast will be beneficial for the University itself.

What should Roman say to Dean Tolentino at their meeting? What are the long-range benefits of a true “merit” program? What are the problems associated with the lack of such a “merit” system for the department chairs? How likely is the discussion to change Dean Tolentino’s decision and future behavior? Why? If the Dean does not change his policy, what are the long-run implications for the college?

If I were Roman, I would state that: The idea of merit pay seems simple enough. If you pay high-performing department chairs more than low-performing ones, the former will stay and keep producing at a high level, while the latter will leave or have incentive to improve. And it can work like that-if department chairs are clear on exactly what it takes to earn a higher raise, if there are no other factors but performance in pay decisions, if there are enough funds to pay out significant differences in raise amounts, and if managers have the confidence to “bite the bullet,” be honest, and stand up to emotional pressure. Moreover, most professions offer bonuses and salary increases to exemplary employees. Why should teaching be the exception? The fact that a sloppy teacher and a dedicated teacher earn the same salary just doesn’t sit right with most people; also, incentivized teachers will work harder and produce better results. In addition, Merit Pay programs will also help recruit and retain the nation’s brightest minds.

Grieving While Retired
If you were the supervisor of Jonathan, how will you call his attention on the grievance filed against him?
If I was the supervisor of Jonathan, I would simply summon him up in a meeting

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