Signs Of Unproductive/Unmotivated Students:
Essay Preview: Signs Of Unproductive/Unmotivated Students:
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 Absenteeism – constant and repeated absenteeism.
Lateness – late to several classes.
Poor performance – produced work is of low quality and quantity.
Labour turnover – many classmates leaving, often because of an unsolved issue.
Greviances – complaints are important red signals that should be taken under consideration AND solved during that time.
Poor response rate – students dont give as much answers as the teachers ask and expect, with no encouragement.
Attitude – a students personal attitude towards other colleagues or/and teachers, towards school.
Lack of time and Respect
Workload, Class Environment and Working Conditions
Organization and Schedule
Esteem, Responsibility and Access
Student-teacher relation and Unfair Grades
Content and Supplies
Lack of time and Respect
When an assignment is given to the student, teachers have to keep in mind that the student is receiving other assignment from other subjects as well. Therefore, the teacher needs to set a reasonable and fair date for the assignment. Lack of time for an assignment can be very demotivating, as this can cause stress within the student. Stress will lead to one or more of the signs of demotivated students.Respect is a demand we all require. The student has to receive respect from its peers as well as teachers. By doing so, the student will most likely get in the habit of doing the same (if she/he is not doing so already) and the student will feel a lot better when going to school, which will increase motivation.

Workload, Class Environment and Working conditions
A huge factor, maybe one of the most common factors of demotivation is definitely workload. A student shouldnt have to miss days of school to do the bunch of work, or feel pressured of the work, and have no free time for won needs and activities. For a studnt to feel motivated, its own needs and activities are required – and with workload, the students motivational level will decrease.The class is an important factor, for the class is what will keep an individual student encouraged and happy. However, when the environment of the class is poor and suffering, the student wont feel happy in the class, and this will therefore decrease the motivation of not only the student, but the class as a whole. Factors that often causes this situation is workload, lack of time, schedule, involvement and respect.

In order for students to work more productively, going through the working conditions would be a good idea. The student is in need of fair working conditions in order to achieve a better result in productivity, additionally also increasing the students motivation.

Organization and Schedule
Both the student and the teacher needs to stay organized for a bunch of reasons. Firstly, students need to adopt an organizational method in order to stay on time and carry out the productivity process. Secondly, its important for students to prioritize school tasks with own activities. The teachers responsibility here is not only to help the students to adopt an organizational method, but to also stay organized him-/herself. Teachers organization have showed to play an important role of, not only individual students, but the motivation level of the whole class. Students need an organized teacher, and students need to stay organized to make life easy on themselves.Students timetable may not show an importance of motivation and productivity, but actually it does. The schedule also shows how much free time in school a student has to work on their task, as well as how early/late a student ends its day in school. If lessons are too condensed to each other, allowing no additional free time, or too less time to work in school, the student will have to take all of the work home which will decrease the students own time. Also, apart from the seven-eight hours in school, the student will have to additionally put in extra hours everyday. This will cause a much less time for own activities which will demotivate the student. One out of several solutions to this could be a task schedule, where both teachers and students can stay on task, organized.

Esteem, Responsibility and Access
A students self-esteem is a need to stay motivated – maybe one of the clearest factors that will explain the students situation. Students can, time by time, feel that they arent capable of doing a task/subject, or feel unappreciated, thinking that other students are better than itself. A teacher should always make sure a student doesnt feel that way and make sure to encourage that no other student is better than others, that the result of another student is not impossible to achieve for anyone.

Apart from that, a teacher can also increase a students self-esteem, even motivational level, by giving responsibility to the student. Having in mind that a student is its own individual, any person (not only a student) will feel trusted at some degree which will increase ones self-esteem. Allowing students access to different facilities will make its effort in motivation and productivity because, again – access relates to trust and responsibility, all relating to motivation and productivity.

Student-teacher relation and Unfair Grades
While spending the majority of the day with other students and teachers, the bond between the teacher and the student is relatively important. This bond differs from school environments, but it is generally important for all environments to have some kind of a student justice and freedom plan. Students being so individual should feel comfortable to go to any teacher and discuss, ask, answer or summarize something. Teachers need to act as an individual too, to set a role-model and/or example for the student. There is no specific way a teacher should act, as everyone are individuals. It is also important for the teacher not to abuse its teacher position towards the student. In the less extreme case, a teacher

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