America as Empire: Global Leader or Rogue Power?
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America as Empire: Global Leader or Rogue Power?
Jim Garrison
Jim Garrison’s book addresses a poignant theme faced by American culture today. Garrison explains that America must tread carefully in the present as to avoid crossing the fine line of acting as a “global leader” and acting as a “rogue power.” To begin with, I found it necessary to look up the word ‘rogue,’ which defines as “vicious and solitary,” clearly a negative term. This being established, Garrison is attempting to address what it is that would make a country appear to be overbearing, overly aggressive and power hungry rather than as a respected, admired superpower.

Contrary to my belief upon picking up the book, Garrison quickly enlightened me to the other option. I had never thought of America as a “rogue power.” However, after giving it a few thoughts, and having Garrison’s input on the matter, it seems quite apparent that America has in fact become a rogue power. America, which was once seen as a picture-perfect place where dreams could be achieved and freedom be found, has indeed become a dominant solo power. It is the unmatched superpower of the world, unmatched by any foreign nation since the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, I found it quite strange to see in such black and white print, an assertion of America as a ruthless master in commander. Though the charm of living in America is that we have the ability and the freedom to criticize whatever

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