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Traditional university education suffers from a number of problems. There are almost 2,000,000 university students in Turkey. Boyer and Hamil state that with the fluctuating economy and uncertain times, it is more important than ever for university students to receive the proper education and training that will allow them to acquire a good job and earn money needed to live (2008). This paper summarizes widespread problems faced during higher education according to academicians point of view.

Universities need to have well-designed academic programs and a clear mission. Most important to their success, however, are high-quality faculty, committed and well-prepared students, and sufficient resources. According to Peril (2000, p. 23) deficiency of one of these limits the level of knowledge notified to students and restricts the students ability to access existing knowledge and generate new ideas.

Students face difficult conditions for study like overcrowded classes, insufficient library and laboratory facilities, distracting living condition, etc in many institutions. Unfortunately, many students start their undergraduate studies academically unprepared. However, a university barely responds by creating beneficial programs for inadequately prepared students. Limited job opportunities and unmet demand for qualified science graduates have created a concept called “educated unemployment”. Better information on the labor market is needed, combined with policies that promote economic growth and labor absorption (Peril, 2000, p. 24).

One of the problems I observe is that excessive use of lectures and other didactic approaches to teaching. According to Laszlo and Castro (1995) the lecture is the best way to transfer information from the notes of the teacher to the notes of the student without its passing through the students mind (a later modification implies that the information doesnt pass through the mind of the teacher either). Lectures are not enough interactive or adaptive and do not allow students time for reflection. The success of a lecture requires the lecturer to be aware of the capabilities of all students and for all students to have a similar background (Laurillard, 1993, p. 108). In todays universities departments are increasing their capacities which result in classes with large enrollments. This is because of economic pressures and inadequacy. Lectures are not appropriate for an interactive teaching method as a result of these. Collaboration is an important part of teaching process and also an effective learning method. In order to urge students to collaborate and actively construct knowledge, all students should be placed into small discussion groups during the lectures. Group projects and assignments are the other ways to construct collaboration.

Another problem that students face is early specialization at higher education. Once a specialization area is chosen, changing it is usually difficult and even impossible. Such inflexibility decreases options of students to take courses in different academic areas. According to Peril and Promise (2000, p24-25) early specialization can prevent costly hesitation, however, unforgiving systems of early “mistakes” do not develop and discharge the true potential of many students.

Many public universities are too much dependent on governments for their financial resources which restricts their improvement both scientific and social sense. Budgets must typically be approved

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