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Recruiting For FreedomJuan SalazarKaplan UniversityProfessor KrishnanCM 220-06February 14, 2015Thesis:  Government implementing a law in which mandates young Americans to serve in the United States Military for a minimum of 2-4 years.America’s reaction to the tragedy of 9/11.Americans pride during the tragedy of 9/11. Security of America due to the volunteer program. Influx in military enlistments immediately after the tragedy occurred.Recruiting issues in all branches of the military.Recruiters job description and mission.Recruiters impossible mission each month.Recruiter’s monthly quotas and enlistee classifications.Military suicide rate due to failing of mission.Recruiters are considered failures regardless of their accomplishments.Military losing the battle of enlisting enough personnel to fill the ranks of every branch of service.The difference from America today compared to America when the draft was initiated.The military difference from todays military compared to the time when the draft occurred.The importance of the United States Military defending our freedom on a daily basis.Implementing a law in which mandates young adults to serve in the United States Military if they meet certain qualifications.Military continuing to maintain a strong enlistment status if the law were to be implemented.The lasting effects of this law in today’s America.Military has many rewards and advantages that can be a stepping stone for young adults.      America today has had many moments of success along with moments of tragedy.  When tragedy strikes, we look to those who will rescue us from whatever situation that may be happening.  That’s where the United States Military comes in to effect.  Without the support and pride of Americans, there would be no military.  The Military relies on young adults ages 17-42 to volunteer for service.  The government has made many adjustments to allow all types of individuals the chance to succeed in enlisting in the military.  The recruiters for the different branches are still struggling to meet the monthly quota bestowed to each of them.

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