Education in America
There is no doubt in the minds of Americans that the education of our children is the
most important cornerstone in life’s journey and also that parents would especially be partial to
this idea. Each parent wants their children to excel in school to become a vital part of life and
have a successful and fruitful career. But as generations come to pass we see our educational
system become more advanced or so we think. When you take a look at the research and
statistics of the educational system in the United States you see that it is flawed. The same can be
stated for our education compared to other countries around the world. With the advancements
that America has made in all fields over the past several decades why is it that we do not surpass
all other countries in the world. One thing we as Americans must come to realize is that the
educational system in this country is flawed and in danger of falling apart and statistics show it
must be re-evaluated. Until we do this the children of this nation will receive substandard
One valuable tool utilized by the Department of Education in America is the standardized
testing for grades Kindergarten through twelve. Even though these tests are a requirement to
move on to the next grade there is much debate as to how well these tests are structured or how
easily they are to pass. Each state requires that students pass these tests to continue on to the
grade and also to pass tests to graduate high school. When it comes to education of your child
wouldn’t you want them to receive the same education as students in other states? Just as you
would want them to have the same health care as others.
Most states in America have joined with the Common Core State Standards Initiative,
this initiative has set a standard of education for all students. This set standard is based on
research of education levels and statistics in the United States. The Department of Education is
a valuable resource for statistics of education at all levels in the United States. Each state has
different states for levels of education, Texas for example has STAAR

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