Hamas and Relationship with Iraq
Hamas and Relationship with Iraq
“Hamas’ Relationship with Iraq”
In 2003, Hamas declared President Bush “Islams biggest enemy,” and in 2004 it called him “the enemy of God, the enemy of Islam and Muslims.” A 2004 press release announced Hamas considers the U.S as an enemy and as an accomplice to the Israeli enemy aggression against the Palestinians Hamas believes that the U.S. should have never invaded Iraq because of U.S lack of ability to do anything in the Middle East. Hamas is ready to do whatever it takes to get the U.S out of Iraq if necessary, and there have been heated discussions between Hamas leaders and President Bush that have done nothing but worsen there relationship.

On March 20th, 2003 the United States began to invade Iraq despite threats against them. Only a few months before, the leader of Hamas actually called on Muslims and Arabs to attack Western targets and interests around the world if the United States attacks Iraq. (United Press) Fortunately for the United States, Hamas nor any Muslims or Arabs attacked any western targets. It was close though, which shows that the relationship between the two parties is always heated and no one knows what could happen at any one time. There were many other threats to the U.S that regarded things such as Palestine and Israel. (United Press International via COMTEX)

The leader of Hamas had comments about the Annapolis talks brought on by President Bush. “President Bush launched the roadmap five years ago in preparation of the Iraq invasion,” Meshaal said in an interview with the BBC, referring to an international peace blueprint launched in 2003 but largely dormant since.” And today he wants to make peace in Palestine in preparation to a hit against Iran,” Meshaal said. “This is an American game. The Palestinians and the Arab peoples are aware of it and know that it is not serious.” (Daniel Pipes) Hamas is mostly in control of the Palestinian area and does not want any support from the Unites States. Now that the leader of Hamas thinks that the United States will try to bring peace to Palestine, the relationship between the two parties will become more stressed.

After Hamas called President Bush “Islam’s Biggest enemy” and “The enemy of God,” (Sebastian R. Mьller) The United States responded with something that showed there thoughts toward Hamas. “As far as the threats that weve

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