Essay Preview: Obesity
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Robbie Blechman
Mrs. Grant.
Comp and Lit 1
Obesity in America is a subject of concern that is getting as big as ever before. It affects many Americans on a daily basis, and also
affects the way people interact with others. It is an unhealthy trend with a rapid growth rate, quickly consuming many lives. The problem must be
fixed for a more happy and healthy life. In order to fix it, the issue of obesity must first be understood, and then controlled at the state it’s at, and

finally it must be prevented from continually occurring.One of the major steps to fixing a problem is to first fully understand it. Obesity is simply an

excess in body fat. It is very unhealthy and can cause a numerous number of diseases, and heart problems. It is caused by a number of things,
wherether it be from poor diet or lack of exercise people are gradually becoming bigger and bigger. I will give you some effects that obesity has
on people today.
The effect obesity is having on kids is rediculous. The growing number of overweight kids is growing by the years . However, it is not
these childrens’ faults for their being overweight. There are many different factors that come into this equation. America’s obsession with fast

food and ever growing portion sizes, the amount of advertising to young children for food that is not healthy, and children’s inactive lifestyles are

all such factors. Television also plays a big role in overweight children. Many kids are becoming less physically active and tend to watch more
and more television.
Another effect is psychological. Being obese and overweight causes many people to have low self-esteem. Kids get constantly made fun
of and that

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