Uncle Toms Cabin Review
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Uncle Toms Cabin Review
Uncle Toms Cabin is a story about a slave named Uncle Tom who is sold and bought more than once throught his life. The book follows Uncle Tom throughout his travels and hardships. Throughout his life Toms faith and relationship with God is tested. At times he losses faith and wants to give up but he holds on at the end. There is, also, a family of slaves that are followed throughout the book on their road to escaping to freedom. Uncle Toms adventures start at his first owners house, Arthur Shelby. Shelby is running low on money and money to borrow so to help out finantially he decides to sell two of his slaves to a rich slave trader. Uncle Tom is one and Harry is the other being sold but Harrys family and him decide to run and escape north in Canada. There is a slave hunting group sent out to find the slave family but when they are found, the Father of Harry, George, shoots a hunter when he is confronted. They escape and eventually find thier way to Canada after help from a Quaker Settlment. Uncle Tom does not run from him being sold. He says bye to his family and leaves on a boat on the Mississippi River to his new family. On the boat Tom finds a young girl, Eva, and is instantly atracted to her. She and him become friends instantly so when she falls off the boat Tom jumps in without hesitation and saves her. Evas father is forever thankfull and decides to buy Tom from the slave trader. Toms new owner is a man who is kind and gentle. Eva and Tom develope a good relationship bassed around their Christianity but Eva eventualy becomes sick and dies. As a result of the death of Eva her father decides to set Tom free, but before he can do so he gets in a fight where he is stabbed to death. Both Eva and her father have found god (Her father in his last moments though) so they will be reunited in heaven in Toms eyes. Dispite the love that Eva and her father had for Tom, Evas mother decides to sell Tom. His new owners name is Legree; he is a creul man. When Tom decides not to whip a fellow slave, Legree automatically disslikes him. legree Desides to try and crush Toms faith in God but visions of Eva and Christ help him hold on till the end. The end would come soon though because when Tom does not tell where slaves had escaped to he is beaten to death. As the last test of faith Tom forgives thoes who kill him.

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